Poster: Kiran Ramaswamy
Went for buffet today and overall experience was
disappointing. Good things first.Ambience is good.
Since we were the only customers we were asked for
fresh naan and it was good. Masala dosa and dal
makhni was good. Remaining items were tasty but bad
because the items were dried up because of the heat
from burner and the lamp. Utensils are all new and
shiny. :-) The waiter wanted to show hospitality and
kept hovering like a hawk around us giving no privacy
and it made us really uncomfortable.
Poster: Ally
Have not tried buffet there so not
sure about Kiran's commnet above.
But we ordered for Spring Dosa and
Poori bhaji. BOth were good and
delicious. Proper authentic taste.
We also ordered for Besibeli bhat,
but could not eat there as dosa
and poori bhaji had filled our
stomach (beware of quantity, they
give too much). Overall, the
experience. As Kiran said,
ambience is really good. Small but
good restaurants, especially for
Poster: Abdul
I was a big fan of Sai Krishna Bhavan
when it opened. But off late the food
quality seems to be dropping. Sambhar
has more water than Dal and previous
day food is bring served after being
heated in Microwave. I hope the
owners bring back the original magic

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