Poster: amir
Its great to have Rajbhog in our community. I went
twice with my family and really like the restaurant.
Sweets and snacks are just too good. I am not so
found of the chat/main lunch.
Poster: Srinivas
Rajbhog is fabulous! 10 stars for it!
I have been there 5-6 times now. They have a good array of delicious items ranging from snacks like samosa chat, pav bhaji to chole puri & thaali. Thaali has a wide array of items at a reasonable cost!
They also have an awesome choice of sweets!
I am really happy that they have opened here!
Poster: Morrisville Resident
We ordered a chat and it was cold.
It looked like it's frozen food
and not heated in micro even for
enough time.

Also, we ordered Roti Alcarte. the
curry they gave with 2 Roti's is
hardly enough for even single Roti. Then we thought they are
out of frozen food that day and
dividing it all folks in restaurant. We strongly believe
they don't have kitchen and cook.
We will never go there again.

Service at the front desk is very bad (pakka desi style and no respect).

Poster: nikhil
man, these guys are selling all frozen food. Earlier i
thought the sweets are fresh, but looks like they are
storing for a longer time and selling old stuff. Avoid
this one .....
Poster: Manu
It's all frozen packets heated in micro oven and served. Food does
not taste fresh and their sanitation
score does not look good as well.
They are looting people with unhealthy cheap frozen food.
I wish some other desi restaurants come up in this area.
Poster: Akshay
Great variety of food at reasonable prices. Love the ambience. Something for everybody in the family. Highly recommend this place to anybody.[Smile]
Poster: Nagamani
We have gone to this place and had
buffet. The taste is very bad taking
1 item as exception. The lady at the
reception is tooooo rude and she will
be using bad words on customers.
Better avoid this restaurant.
Poster: Rahul
Have you ever paid money to get SICK?I paid $50 last night for dinner buffet. Food was pathetic, I realized it after eating it. My daughter kept throwing whole night.
They were serving Pita bread in the name of Naan. Non-Veg looks very old. Biryani was dry and when I asked for filling it again, they mixed already made white rice with some color in it and served. Not a single item was good.

Please avoid, if you do not want to get sick.
Poster: kajal
We were quiet impressed with the food quality, although no snack places can compete Cool Breeze.
Poster: Cary Resident
This Place is a disappointment from start to finish.
They have actually spoiled the name Rajbhog. Many Indians were so looking forward to this place when they were about to open. They have the best location with Indian community all around but what a disaster .
The food is a shame. They need to hire a good proffesional chef and not some gujrati lady to serve cold frozen taste less horrible chat and food.
People will even pay good money if food is good. The management needs to do serious changes -- May be they need Ramsay to save the place.
Poster: Bansari Bhatt
Sweets are very idea about the other snack items...but after reading the reviews now I am scared to even experiment other food items.
Poster: JS
recently we had food catered through
Rajbhog for a party everyone loved
the food, friendly staff, convenient
location, clean, not too costly,
would definitely eat there again and

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