Poster: Ashish
I finally got a chance to visit this new restaurent. We went during lunch hours with around 14 of us. The food took long time to come and folks who came late had to wait almost till the rest of th folks were done eating. The waitress looked confused and rude. The food was good. Hot and Sour soup was really nice. Vegetarian manuch.. was ok but I would still prefer pao lim.[Confused]
Poster: anonymous
Average+. Can do a lot better! A little greasy and takes a while. In India it is usually fast food and one of the cheapest. It is quite the contrary. Also, they do not enquire about spice levels which might be a good option.
Poster: rtp_woman
Hmmm...another disappointment.Every new restaurant I visit with hope of getting better food but somehow yet to find a restaurant with class.
Chilli chicken -- we were told that this is most popular dish but it turned out to be worst ever tasted chilli chicken
Wantons -- oily and turned all soft,filling was not good.
Chicken fried Rice -- another disappointment
Total bill 30 and satisfaction ZERO.
Poster: Kajal
Great food, good portion sizes.
Poster: JS
My son's favorite place to eat by far
love the Coin Manchurian, good food,
clean, friendly staff, good location,
not too costly

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