Poster: Dharmesh
Nice ambience but the food is not so great. [Sad]
Poster: Ash
Be sure to tell the waiter that you want Indian Style. You will love the food[Very Happy]
Poster: anonymous
Excellent! Best North Indian food in the triangle. Great ambience!
Poster: sangita
so so food, costly and the taste is suited for americans and not desis.
Poster: Prat
Liked the food but the quantity is less and the price is too high
Poster: ROSHNI
What do you expect a restaurant to excel in when u go out to eat Food,Service,Ambienc e AZITRA has it all.
They got their Chef changed which made a huge difference.Ambience and service was already there from day one.Generally when u go to other indian restaurant and noticed staff there would be very polite to non indian customers and not so polite to indians and new staff at Azitra is just wonderful so professional(Just love going there. A must try and trying and tryin....
Poster: Ravi
The food is amazing!! I love this
place! I really recommend it!
Poster: Baljit
Food was excellent, service was quick and polite

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