Poster: Sonu
One of my fav restaurents and the best in town. [Smile]
Poster: priya uppuluri
Fantastic food, long waiting time on weekends!
Poster: Venkat
Fantastic food, great ambience and pretty good service. My favorite place for Indian food.
Poster: Anne O'Nymous
This restaurant is a good reason to live. My only complaint is that I don't live in Cary.
Poster: Bansari Bhatt
The best South Indian food & the best buffet amongst all other restaurants. Nobody else can beat its quality. It would be more attractive if the rates are little bit less.
Poster: Udipi Fan
Whenever we feel like eating out we
think of only one place UDIPI!! they
have the best Dosas in the triangle
area, the service is super fast,
friendly, and polite. The restaurant
is clean with ample lighting and
Poster: Dhara
nice food
Poster: chetna
The best South Indian food [Smile]

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