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Welcome to NamasteRTP - The Gateway to South Asian Community. Started in year 2005, NamasteRTP is the leading website for the Indians in the Traingle and surrounding. Every month we are visited by thousands of community members to check out latest event, restaurant reviews or other areas of interest. While there are many websites who can provide the same info, NamasteRTP is the only website which lists all the South Asian owned businesses. This is the very reason we attract more community members and have been doing this service for past 10 years. Contactus to see how we can help help your business succeed.

Basic Listing

With more and more people now connected through internet, NamasteRTP.com is visited by thousands of users across all triangle. We list all the business owners FREE of cost on our website. Whether you are a doctor , a professional, a restaurant owner or have your own home based business, fill the form below to get your business listed .


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Internet has changed the world and so the advertising medium. Gone are the days where printed media is all people read, as more and more people spend time on the net, getting their attention requires more then just business listing. It is said that an average adult spends just few seconds on the page before switching to another page. Hence its important to create a medium by which a person's attention can be caught immediately. NamasteRTP offers unique advertising ideas to catch people's attention. We take pride in offering one of the most affordable advertising rates in the area. Please contact us for more details on how we can help to promote your business. Contactus at 919 362 6004 or email contactus@namastertp.com

Yellow Pages Directory

Every few years, we launch an exclusive yellow pages printed directory to include all Indian business operating in Triangle. Basic listing is again Free of cost with many options for paid advertisement. The directory gets distributed free to cost to all commmunity. As we understand the need for business owners to cater wide variety of community, we work with advertising agencies to display our directory in local grocery stores like lowes, food lion, etc . This ensures maximum reachout for advertisers who pay us to get them listed. The next edition is coming out later this year. So if you are interested please email us at contactus@namastertp.com